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Admin / Support Staff

Contact Beth Cohen  Beth Cohen Principal
Counselor M-W-Th
Contact Veronique Martin  Veronique Martin (562) 598-9601 ex: 223 Counselor
Contact Kristi Kubiak  Kristi Kubiak (562) 598-9601 ex: 224 Psychologist
Office Staff
Contact Michelle Benheretz  Michelle Benheretz Staff
Contact Teresa Cullen  Teresa Cullen (562) 598-9601 ex: 221 Office Supervisor
Contact Laura Foster  Laura Foster Staff
Custodial Services
Contact Marco Aguilar Jr.  Marco Aguilar Jr. (562) 598-9601 ex: 232 Custodian
Support Staff
Contact Brandi Gutierrez  Brandi Gutierrez ex: 319 RSP
Contact Elizabeth Iovine  Elizabeth Iovine (562) 598-9601 ex: 247 Visually Impaired
Contact Sarah Lupo  Sarah Lupo (562) 598-9601 ex: 234 SLP
Contact David Macander  David Macander (562) 598-9601 ex: 304 and 316 Science TOSA
Contact Malitzin Ortega  Malitzin Ortega (562) 598-9601 ex: 230 Cafeteria Supervisor
Contact Marilyn Smith  Marilyn Smith (562) 598-9601 ex: 227 Media Assistant
Contact Marleen Soto  Marleen Soto (562) 598-9601 ex: 319 RSP Teacher
Contact Cheryl Yacoubian  Cheryl Yacoubian (562) 598-9601 ex: 310 Orientation and Mobility Braille Office
Kids' Club
Contact Julie Nyberg  Julie Nyberg Kids Club Asst. Supervisor
Contact Allison Thompson  Allison Thompson Kids Club Supervisor