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Principal's Message


As “Pioneers of the Future,” four years ago we set our shared vision statement at Prisk Elementary school as exploring literacy, science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (S.T.E.A.M) to become the innovators of the 21st century.  We began the course of establishing an approximation for elementary pathway programming related to STEAM. This has allowed for us to provide STEAM-focused teaching and learning opportunities that support developing skills and knowledge in our scholars aligned to the LBUSD Graduate Profile and foundational preparations for college and career readiness for their future while concurrently addressing the gender and ethnicity gaps in these fields through a meaningful and sustainable paradigm shift.  

Part of the equation for building this program involved navigating logistics and budgetary constraints. An important element of the shift to STEAM happened through establishing and/or rebranding dedicated space for science, engineering and computer science lab space and art studios. These learning environments in conjunction with homerooms provide a rich surrounding to foster student growth and development in STEAM. As a Non-Title I school, Prisk has established partnerships as a key element of support in enriching our program. From parent-led organizations to the private sector to higher learning institutions, our students have been the beneficiary of their support of our evolving program. Since innovation is a hallmark of STEAM education and reform, our partnerships have, in most cases, been built from the ground up from concept to reality by specifically tailoring them to support elementary-age students and our school community.

A crucial premise for establishing the program was to ensure flexibility within each attribute as to afford continual improvement to support our scholars' unique needs related to STEAM. We continue to develop along a specified timeline towards becoming a model program that fully executes the spirit and intent of our shared vision. 

                                                              -D. Jesperson (Principal 2013-2018)