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Class Placement


Prisk Class Placement Protocol

In June of each year, based on data from students’ current teachers, each grade-level team creates class rosters for the upcoming year. 

Data is used to ensure that decisions are grounded in our goal to achieve fair and equitable consideration for ALL students. 

These teams do not select a particular teacher for students; they look at student data and student needs to create the best and most equitable class composition possible.  

Following the creation of class rosters by teachers, an “Equity Audit” is conducted by the school’s administrative team to ensure the process resulted in achieving our equity and access goals.  We make changes only when appropriate and necessary. For example, if three students withdraw from our school and three new students enroll, we review student data and make changes to class rosters if needed to create balance and equity. 


Parent/Guardian Requests for Classroom Placement

While teachers have varying styles and techniques for the delivery of academic content, all are highly qualified to teach in LBUSD and all teachers follow the scope & sequence for each subject matter to ensure all students learn the essential grade-level material. Therefore, requests made for specific teachers or classrooms are not part of our placement process.

Any parent/guardian who would like to share information specifically about their child that they would like considered throughout the class placement process is welcome to do so.