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Kaarin Bell

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Wow!  It was so great to meet with every single parent during this valuable time to conference.  It was such a great opportunity to share ideas, goals, and support tools.  Thank you all for making the effort to attend and for supporting our student's learning and success.  As a team we work harder and smarter to help students reach their goals!


Thank you!

Weekly Homework for the Week of December 3rd!



  • 20+ minutes of independent reading

  • Practice basic facts (the multiplication test is tomorrow!)

  • Science:  Read the article about water on our planet and answer the comprehension questions


  • 20+ minutes of independent reading

  • Practice basic facts (the division test is tomorrow!)

  • Math:  model perimeter using pages P195 & P196


  • 20+ minutes of independent reading

  • Practice basic facts you need to improve on

  • Math:  find perimeter using pages P197 & P198


  • 20+ minutes of independent reading

  • Practice basic facts you need to improve on

  • Math:  find unknown side lengths using pages P199 & P200







A Change in the Weather

As we move from fall to winter, just a reminder to make sure your child has a water-resistant coat of some kind to keep them warm and dry on these rainy days.  Please put their name somewhere in their coats and sweaters so if they leave them behind after the sun comes out, I know who to return them to.  Umbrellas (also should be labeled) or hoods on their jackets help when we have to be outside. 


On rainy day mornings, all students should go to the auditorium if they arrive at school before the bell rings.  The auditorium is supervised, dry, and warm.  My classroom door will be open at 8:55 AM.  On rainy afternoons, students that are not picked up outside the classroom will be sent to the auditorium to wait for pick up and students that attend Kids Club will be sent there.  The auditorium is our supervised area after school where they can safely wait without getting wet.


Always with a change in the weather we seem to need more facial tissue.  Donations of Kleenex are always welcome if you happen to find some on sale and can spare a box.  Thank you!

Science/Engineering Integration

Our study of invisible forces in science is integrating with our study of bridges in engineering!  We are applying our new knowledge of how to counteract the affects of forces on structures to create strong and stable bridges!  We will be creating models of bridges in teams and testing them for strength and stability in the upcoming weeks, then making improvements and retesting to see if our improvements were successful!